Sherlock, who is an albino miniature schnauzer, was unfortunately abandoned at birth.

Netta McKay who is an animal fosterer for more than 10 years, took him in.

Netta told the Metro: ‘I had absolutely no intention of keeping Sherlock.’

However, the pup and Netta created an unbreakable bond, so she decided to adopt him on a permanent basis.

She said: ‘I just fell in love with him instantly, there was something about him. I didn’t know what to expect but I just knew he belonged to our family.’

Due to his albinism, Sherlock has to limit his time in the sun to lower his risk of developing skin cancer. He also has to wear sunglasses every time he steps outside.

Described as being a hit with the ladies, as-well as ‘cute and cocky’, Sherlock is quickly gaining followers on his Instagram account.

Check out the adorable pictures below.