This cheetah has just broken the record for the largest litter of cubs produced.

The proud mom gave birth to a whopping eight cubs at St Louis Zoo, Missouri, USA.

Cheetah Bingwa, which means ‘champion’ in Swahili, gave birth to her adorable babies in November last year but the family have been shrouded in privacy to help them bond.

Usually a litter size for the species is three of four cubs.

The three males and five females have been bred as part of a programme to increase cheetah numbers which have become worryingly low.

There are estimations of only 7,100 of the cats being left in the wild, and there is predicted to be a 53% decrease in the next 15 years.

Steve Bircher, the zoo’s curator of mammals and carnivores, said to who??: “She has quickly become adept at caring for her very large litter of cubs — grooming, nursing and caring for them attentively.”

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