Everyone loves dogs. A horrible day can turn into a glorious one just by coming in contact with an adorable hound.

These Australians, however, were completely spoilt when they had the chance to witness 576 border collies all in the same place.

The event was organised by the Border Collie Owners of South Australia group, who set out to break the record for the most dogs in the same place at once.

And they smashed it!

The previous record was 503 dogs, arranged by Dr. Katrina Warren, a TV veterinarian, in 2013.

According to Australiaoutletnews.com, the event raised an incredible $6,000, which is all going to charity.

Unfortunately, The Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t recognise breed-specific achievements, which means that the record will be unofficial.

Oh well – everyone still had a great time!