Frequently Asked Questions

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Chatty Buddha is the fastest growing video licensing site who are recognised by major newsrooms, websites, and social media pages such as BBC, Discovery Channel, and CNN.

We are committed to giving everyday people a platform to share their incredible stories and experiences across the world.

By signing your content with us exclusively, we can maximise your potential income.

If others are distributing the same content, it drives the price down as outlets fight each other to sell.

This way you have piece of mind, knowing one company is selling your content for the highest fees.

We immediately start distributing your video to big media outlets, as well as dealing with the legal sides of the video too.

Promotion: We will distribute your video to the major platforms such as BBC, Discovery Channel, CNN and many more.
Legal: If a platform uploads your video without a license, we will be able to remove that upload immediately.

Once we have permission to license your video on your behalf, you agree not to grant anyone else permission to use or sell your video.

If in doubt, you should always refer any contact you receive immediately to us.

Even though we have licensed your video, it’s important to know that you are still the sole author and copyright owner of the video.

You can keep the original video, and can still use and post that video anywhere after we begin licensing your video.

When your video is sold, we’ll collect payment for you. Your split of payments will be made to you once we’ve received payments from our clients.

You’ll be paid via Paypal.

Additionally, you will receive a sales report from our accounts team. This way you can track where your video has been used.

Please be patient as it can take several months before we receive payments for commercial use of your video.

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