Hello, and welcome to the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Big claims I know, but one glance on this adorable friendship and we promise you’ll become a dewy-eyed mess.

Mame and her best pal Riku the giant poodle are the friendship goals we never knew we needed. One-year-old Mame’s unbelievably cute exploits with her fury friend are shared on Instagram by her grandmother, where they have racked up almost 80k followers.

She also has two other dogs, Gaku and Qoo, but Mame and Riku seem to have a particularly strong bond and whether they’re playing, sleeping or reading (Riku’s probably just pretending, but who the heck knows); they are always loving life side-by-side.

See if you can look at these without saying ‘awww’ – we doubt it.

For more, check out tamanegi.qoo.riku on Instagram.