I’m sure there are some people in your life who you wish would just vanish forever.

We can’t guarantee anything, but these teacups might give your unwanted guests a well-needed hint.

Miss Havisham’s have created some very passive aggressive teacups aimed at ‘the lady who speaks her mind’, and it’s everything we never knew we wanted.

“If you got hate in your heart, you gotta let it out,” Melisa Johnson, owner of Miss Havisham’s, wrote on the company’s website.

The collection, which comes in aqua, blue and yellow, varies in aggressiveness. From ‘Please, go die,’ to ‘I could poison you’, we’re sure there is a message perfectly suited for any guest.

A personal favourite for Melissa is ‘We hate your baby,’ (which unfortunately isn’t currently for sale).

She told Bored Panda: “No one is going to say that out loud but we’ve all thought it at one time or another. Oddly enough, that cup is particularly popular with parents which surprised me.”

For more info, check out misshavishamscuriosities.com.